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Rare Animals of Nepal | Notes, Videos, QA and Tests ...- Waszeepfabriek in Nepal ,Rare Animals of Nepal. Various birds and animals, which are considered as rare, are found in various parts of Nepal. The following are the rare animals and birds of Nepal: - 1. Clouded leopard (Dhuwase Chituwa) Scientific name: Neofelis nebulosa. It is found in dense forest of mid-hill. It has clouded body with spots in various parts.Wildlife of Nepal - WikipediaWildlife diversity is a notable feature of Nepal.Because of the variance in climate, from tropical to arctic, Nepal has a large variety of plants and animals. Wildlife tourism is also a major source of tourism in the country. There are some animal species which are unique to Nepal, such as the spiny babbler.Nepal is also host to many rhododendron species.

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Mar 22, 2019·this sheep farm returning to village from the himalayan pastureland at the end of nepali month BHADRA . this sheep farm go to high pastureland in summer seas...

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Nepal is a rich country in terms of culture, diversity, language and ethnicity . There are many ethnic groups who live together here in peace and with the diversity there are different food items and cousine. There are mouth watering dishes that you can prepare at home and enjoy. But Nepali cousine is very underrated in my view.

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Comprehensive list of all the lakes (artificial as well as natural) of Nepal.. Rara Lake: The Lake (also called Mahendra Daha) is located in Karnali Zone, Jumla and Mugu District and is the biggest lake in Nepal with a length of 8 km, breadth of 1.5 km and depth of 167 m. It lies about 3200m above sea level with total area of 10.4 square kilometres (4.0 sq mi).